Back in 2016, we were traveling in Africa. Strange enough the safety of our valuables was dominating our thoughts, which left no room to experience the beautiful continent. We were equipped with basic money belts, made us look like kangaroos with bulky pouches and therefore made us feel even more vulnerable. Any pickpocketer can spot a tourist with that kind of money belt.

We were pitied ourselves and realized that having peace of mind was simply a matter of having the right travel gear. We believe in travel accessories for minimalist travellers like ourselves. 

So combining several ideas into one, Safe Belt was born. Carefully combining user - friendly ideas we made a belt, which hold enough emergency cash, documents and smaller items and at the same time stays absolutely undetectable to the public and even to the security scanners. Having proper security gear is like having insurance. Simply put, it's a belt which will stay with a traveller even in the worst-case scenarios which a traveller can face.


Our team behind Safe Belt®.

Eenos Henno Safe Belt

Eenos is behind the idea of creating Safe Belt®. He has traveled nearly 40 countries along with two solo expeditions - solo auto rickshaw ride of 15000 km around India and a solo motorcycle ride around Madagascar of distance of 5000 km. His adventures have also been published my international magazines like ADV Moto (US). Making Safe Belt® was not just a decision it was a commitment to improve everyone piece of mind while adventuring or travelling.